Welcome to the Office of Education Abroad! Our mission is to send students not on trips, but on academically rigorous, culturally immersive programs that offer the opportunity for personal growth, academic achievement, and a competitive edge in our increasingly global society. Study abroad need not be a prohibitively expensive endeavor. We aim to help students find not only affordable programs, but scholarship opportunities to help fund their study. Our office alone awards scholarships to 90% of students going abroad. With programs in places from South Africa to Northern Europe and from Central America to the Far East, students at NKU can literally go anywhere from here.

So, where in the world is your classroom?

Student Reflects on Playing Jazz Music in France and Filming Documentaries in South Africa

Sam Fister had the opportunity to participate in two very different study abroad programs this summer--one in France, playing Jazz in cathedrals, restaurants, and even on top of mountains, and one in South Africa, filming documentaries and taking some incredible photos of both natural and cultural wonders. His reflection video offers some wonderful insights on his experience.

Important Announcements

Apply for scholarships and programs online!

Applications for the following must now be submitted online:

  • NKU scholarships
  • NKU faculty-led study abroad programs
  • Academic exchange programs with foreign partner universities

*Correction: It was previously announced that paper applications would be accepted if begun before August 18. In order to keep the application process consistent for all applicants, we are unable to accept paper applications effective immediately. 

The Jazz in France participants have returned!

“The concerts were excellent. I loved feeling like a group on tour. We performed almost every night for people who truly enjoyed our music. All the venues were nice...I liked that some nights we would perform in a bar or restaurant, and others would be in a twelfth-century castle…truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” –Brittany Berry

Read more of what they had to say about the program, or visit their Facebook page to see incredible video footage.

Faculty Strongest Influence Award

Our own director, Dr. Francois Le Roy, was recently honored with the 2014 Faculty Strongest Influence Award.  Congratulations, Dr. Le Roy! Read more about his story here.

From the desk of president mearns

A letter from President Mearns on personal growth and studying abroad

President Mearns recently shared some of his insights on study abroad and the impact it has on students. He writes, "Whenever I talk to students who have studied abroad, I am impressed that their stories revolve around cultural immersion and human interaction. The academic component of their experience is critical, and the sights are often majestic. But what makes these trips so memorable is the journey beyond their own personal experiences."

Continue reading here.

EMB Students Spend 16 Days Filming Documentaries in South Africa

"Eleven NKU students who enrolled in EMB 495/COM 594 for the 2014 spring semester literally have a long way to go before they complete the course.

Earlier this week, they traveled more than 8,000 miles to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where they’ll spend 16 days filming documentaries in different parts of that country. While they’re there, the students will be posting video clips, photos and notes on the class blogsite."

Read more about their project!